Account How do I log in on a new device?

If you have changed devices, please follow the instructions below to log in to your new device.

Changed device but still using the same phone number

  1. Download Karrot on your new device.
  2. Enter your number when prompted.
  3. A message saying that an account already exists will show. Select "This is my account". (Please note: Selecting "I want to make a new account" will delete the previous account).
  4. Verify your previous account name and neighbourhood to to complete the process.

Changed device and phone number

Contact customer services via My Karrot > Get help, with the following details

  1. Original phone number registered to the account.
  2. Account name and account id (number found in profile page beginning with #).
  3. Your new number.
  4. Agreement to deleting any accounts linked with your new number.

If you need further assistance, please contact Customer Services.