Buying & selling Added search alerts but haven't received any notifications?

Search alerts allow you to receive notifications when listings matching your keyword are posted in your area.

To get the most out of this feature, be sure to take note of the following.

1. Check that the relevant categories are selected for the item you're looking for.

Go to Home > Filter (the icon in the top right corner)

For example, if you've set an Alert for "phone" then make sure that the category Electronics & Appliances has been selected.

If it's unchecked, you won't be notified when a new phone listing is made.

2. You'll only be notified when new listings are posted.

Notifications won't be sent when posts are boosted.

3. Notifications are only sent for listings that include the keyword in the title.

When making a listing, make sure you include the relevant words in your listing title so that others can find your listing more easily.

If you are selling a bike, then make sure to write bike in the title!