Other Where can I find my carrots?

You can check how many carrots you've received on the Karrot app. My Karrot tab > Invite friends > My carrotsAfter you collect 3 carrots, they will automatically be exchanged for a gift card.Link InvitationsIf you have invited a friend and still haven't receive any carrots, try linking friends. You can directly enter the phone number of the people you invited or the person who invited you.

👉 Tap here to manually link invitations.

Please note carrots will not be able to be claimed in the following cases:

1. If the Karrot app is dowloaded through searching the app store and not an invitation link.

2. If the Karrot app is downloaded through the Share Karrot link (the Invite friends link begins with https://go.dngn)

3. If your friend does not verify neighbourhood after signing up from your link.

4. If your friend deactivates their Karrot account and signs up again through an invitation link.

5. Signing up from the same device through an invitation link.

6. Signing up from other channels or links other than the invitation link.