Buying & selling How do I buy something?

If you see something you like, simply start a chat with the seller.

You can find the chat button at the bottom of the post.

Always start with a hello!

All posts on Karrot are sold for a set price (non-negotiable), are up for negotiation (make offer) or FREE!

You can check this by looking at the bottom of the post.

If the price is up for negotiation, you can directly make an offer by tapping the Make offer button, tap here to find out more.

Whether you end up buying or not always remember to be kind and respectful!

Once you have decided on a price and payment method (cash is often the best option), we recommend arranging to meet somewhere public such as coffee shops, fast food restaurants, etc. If possible, bring a friend or family member. Make sure you inspect the item thoroughly and ask any questions to ensure there's no miscommunication before payment.