Neighbour ratings Community Guidelines

We want Karrot to continue to be a safe and comfortable place for everyone. Our community is based on trust and mutual respect. Help us foster this community by following these Guidelines. This makes Karrot better for everyone.

              • Respect each other. If you’re nice to someone, they’ll most likely be nice to you.
              • If you set up a Meet Up with someone, be punctual.
              • Keep the other person updated. Think you’re going to be late or something’s come up? Let them know.
              • Don’t use inappropriate language.
              • Chat with other users in the day and avoid messaging late at night or early in the morning.
              • Try to meet up face to face rather than posting, we are a community after all

              When buying

                          • Only make an offer to a Seller if you have a genuine interest in buying.
                          • Before asking questions to the Seller, make sure to read the item description.
                          • Be reasonable with your offer.
                          • When organising a Meet Up, try to meet closer to the Seller.
                          • If you’re paying in cash, make sure you have the right change.
                          • If you’re lucky enough to get a freebie, don’t forget to say thanks.

                          When selling

                                      • Upload photos you’ve personally taken.
                                      • Write clear and accurate product descriptions in simple English.
                                      • Make sure your item is clean before passing it on.
                                      • If you’ve decided on a deal with another user, then set your post to Reserved.
                                      • Even if you get more offers, sell the item to the buyer whom first made a reservation.
                                      • If you’ve bought and item off Karrot and need to resell it, set the price lower and include your reason for reselling in the description box.