Other Guidelines for My Local

We're happy you're a part of our community!

My Local is a space for real locals like you to connect to your neighbourhood and community.

It's a space to share tips, photos, exchange local info, or ask questions to your neighbours!

It could be about:

  • your favourite places to eat,
  • good walking spots,
  • local businesses you love,
  • nearby parks you love to visit,
  • something nice a neighbour did,
  • or cat pics, we love a good cat pic!

Your actions help to make our community

We want everyone to get the most from My Local so we have come up with these Guidelines to help.

Involve everybody

Make sure to include all your neighbours in your posts and discussions. Avoid mentioning specific friends or people and excluding others. My Local is a space for you to connect with your neighbours so try not to post content that is too personal or private.

Make sure to post in the right category

Post business ads, local produce ads, one day classes in Local Business.

As for job openings, post them under Local Jobs.

Other indirect advertising such as those using nicknames cannot be posted in My Local.

Have something to sell?

If you have something to sell, remember to post to For Sale.

Post that feature prohibited items also cannot be posted on My Local.

If you have anything questions or suggestions related to For Sale go to My Karrot > Get help to get in touch. We'll try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

What is not allowed?

  • Animals and pets for sale or adoption.
  • Spam or duplicated posts with the same content.
  • Posts with the aim of meeting someone/dating.
  • Content or images that violate someone's privacy, or that public shames.
  • Post or comments that attack, threaten, bully others or that use vulgar language or swearing. This includes communication across the platform.
  • Content that discriminates against, threatens, or insult others based on race, colour, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, age, veteran status or disability.
  • Content on national politics or religious beliefs. Please do not use Karrot for soapboxing.