Karrot ratings What can I do if I meet someone rude?

We’re sorry you had this experience. You can let us know more through channels such as disapprovals, reviews and reporting. We block users who don't follow our guidelines and policies and are always working to make Karrot a safe and pleasant community for everyone.

Ratings and reviews

Go to the other person's profile page and you'll find a "Rate" button. Tap this to disapprove the user. If you have already made a deal, press the "Leave a review" at the top of the chat room to leave a review.

Rest assured that your disapproval or negative review will not be shared with the other person, and is only visible to our Team.

On receiving disapprovals and negative reviews, their Karrot Rating will drop after a certain time (this could take up to 6 days).

Users who receive multiple disapprovals or negative reviews are blocked from using our services.


You can block a user by tap the menu button (3 dots) in the upper right corner of their profile page or in the upper right corner of the chat room.

Blocked users can't engage with you or view your posts. Their posts will also not be visible to you in the Home feed.


You can report a user via the menu button (3 dots) in the upper right corner of the user's profile page. Report those who are not following our policies and guidelines.

By using reviews, praises, and disapprovals you can help create a better community on Karrot.