Other Why do you need 500 votes to open a new area?

First of all, thank you for taking interest in Karrot. Sorry we haven't opened yet, we're expanding quickly so please do check back often. If you vote for your area, we'll send you a text message when we open.

Karrot is a local buying and selling community so according to our clever stats team, there must be at least 500 people per area for things to go smoothly and for us to offer you the best service.

To speed things up, help us by sharing Karrot with your friends and family. That way we can open sooner!

  • Share the app with your local community, this could be your local gym, university or community centre. Some areas have opened up in just 1 week this way!
  • Share Karrot on local social media pages that your neighbours use. A vote here and there, before you know it we're open.

Thanks again for waiting, we look forward to meeting you soon!