Account Why can’t I verify my location?

Before trying to verify your location, make sure you’re physically in your neighbourhood. You won’t be able to verify from other locations.

There are five common reasons why you won’t be able to verify location.

1. You haven’t enabled location services

Make sure that you have location turned on for Karrot in your device’s settings. To do this, leave the Karrot app and go to the location services section of your phone's settings.

  • For Android devices (Android 6.0 or higher)

Settings > Biometrics and security > App permissions > Location

  • For Apple devices

Settings > Privacy > Location Services


2. Your locations settings are not optimised (Android only)

By enabling Wi-Fi scanning, your location will be more accurate

Settings > Biometrics and security > App permissions > Location > Improve accuracy > Enable Wi-Fi scanning


3. Location turned on but unable to detect current location

To improve your signal, try to move near a window or outdoors.

Alternatively, try using a location service to recalibrate your location such as Google Maps and then reopen the Karrot app.


4. You’re are not physically in your set neighbourhood

Make sure your neighbourhood is set to the right place. To change neighbourhood to current location. To do this go to “My Karrot” > “Neighbourhood Settings”

5. We haven't opened in your area yet

We're expanding quickly so do please check back often. Vote for your area and we'll let you know when we open. Tap here for more details.

If you’re still unable to verify location, please contact the Karrot Team through Customer Services.