Samsung 8kg ecobubble washing machine washer and dryer



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Samsung 8kg ecobubble washing machine washer and dryer

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bought it from brand new, originally paid £699, about 5 years old. this model is still on sale £599 currently in shop. just bought a bigger drum LG, hence selling.

8kg capacity, 1400 spin, 15mins fast washer, one hour washer, 1.5hours outdoor care, wool washer, baby care, eco drum clean etc. all washer option with eco bubble technology, detergent foaming very easily, clothes come out really clean. the washing result is much better than those cheap brand under £400.

the only issue is the dryer function stopped working for some reason about a year ago which already pass the product part warranty, but it should able to fix for small cost(it's stopped heating up when dry, it maybe just something to do the a wire or fuse, if someone know electrical very well should be able to fix the problem very easily).

since then I just used as standard washing machine, and still works perfectly as an ordinary washing machine. the motor warranty says 10 years, no longer has my paper receipt, but it surely still will last a long way.

overall in perfect clean condition, no molds, i cleaning it regularly.

a very smart machine will remind you to do drum clean when needed.

very very heavy solid machine, the motor is made of solid metal for longer life, whole machine weighted 75kg approximately. collection only please

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