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ACCURATE & RELIABLE - AFAC finger pulse oxygen saturation monitor can accurately measure human's pulse rate and SpO2 blood oxygen rate. Safe and reliable use with high quality
FAST MEASUREMENT & EASY TO USE - All you need to do is clipping the o-x-i-meter on your finger, click the button and wait 7 seconds than heart rate and blood oxygen concentration will show on the screen with the beating pulse bar garph
WIDE MEASUREING RANGE & APPLICATION - SpO2 measurement range 0%-100%, pulse rate measurement range 25-250; suitable for athlete, old people, long-term alcoholic drinker, people with respiratory or cardiovascular diseases and work fatigue person
PORTABLE & COMFORTABLE - Light weight, small size with lanyard. You can put it in your pocket or hang it on your neck. The built-in silicone is very safe and comfortable. Your finger won't feel any unwell, even for a long time use
PACKAGE LIST & CUSTOMER SERVICE - the package include, 1x oxygen saturation monitor, 1x lanyard and 1x Instruction manual.

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